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The Casella CEL Microtherm Indoor Air Quality instrument is designed to monitor and record the indoor environment of storage facilities, factories, office or general workplace environments. The overall instrument is compact and portable, allowing it to be transported and operated by a single person. Power is supplied from the mains, re-chargeable battery pack (option) or a combination of both. The fully integrated comprehensive software enables the user to archive data and generate reports automatically. We spend over 90% of our time indoors, therefore indoor air quality is important if we are to maintain a healthy, safe and efficient working environment. The adverse publicity, absenteeism and reduced productivity associated with Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) have focused attention on improving air quality. The current annual cost of SBS in the UK is estimated at £500 million. By carrying out simple, regular monitoring of the thermal and gaseous environments in their workplaces using the Microtherm Indoor Air Quality unit, employers can help identify problem areas, reduce their employees’ symptoms, increase productivity and morale and help comply with the relevant legislation. Other users can ensure that perishable or valuable stock is kept in optimum conditions. Kit includes: Control unit, control software, power supply, air velocity, 40mm black globe, temperature and relative humidity sensors, tripod, interconnections, instruction manual and attaché style carrying case

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